Your Nickel Ain't Worth My Dime

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Whats the meaning/symbol behind this rose ? I keep seeing it all over tumblr 

It’s la dispute

Clear your mind here
I am forever thankful that my boyfriend and I didn’t get any serious injuries. That day was too scary and I will forever be thankful to the guardian angel that watched over us that day. I believe it might have been his grandpa that passed away last year. That feeling when I woke up after we crashed was unexplainable. When I turned around to see if my boyfriend was okay I was so relived. In a weird sort of way I am glad that I got more injuries than him, if he was badly hurt I think I would be in a bad state of mind. When I saw his face I cried immediately and I just wanted to hug him, but I was in shock and crying my eyes. I am and will forever be thankful for that guardian angel that looked over us that day. Weather it was his grandpa or someone else I will always be thankful❤️🙏
Stephen arriving to the game (04.19.14)

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